About East Boston's Orient Heights Area

Orient Heights is an historic section of Boston, and is commonly considered part of East Boston. It is Boston's northernmost and northeasternmost neighborhood.

The Orient Heights neighborhood sits on a high hill, 152 feet above Boston Harbor at its highest point. Boston's very first Italian immigrants settled on the hill in the 1860s and 1870s, and the neighborhood has remained strongly Italian-oriented ever since.

About Fr. Rocco Crescenzi

The Don Orione Home, founded by the Don Orione priests, features a chapel was designed by Italian architect Mario Bacciocchi. The Shrine and Home were led by Fr. Rocco Crescenzi (January 6, 1916 - April 3, 2011), who was sent from Italy specifically for this purpose. Crescenzi was once an errand boy for St. Luigi Orione himself. The nonagenarian Crescenzi was still active at the Home and Shrine at the time of his passing.

About The Revolutionary War Cross

Atop a hill in Orient Heights sits large cross. The distinctive steel cross on the site today—visible against the skyline from many surrounding neighborhoods—replaced a wooden cross erected by The Madonna Shrine. It marks the site of the second battle of the American Revolutionary War, the Battle of Chelsea Creek—also known as the Battle of Noddle's Island, the Battle of Hog Island and the Battle of the Chelsea Estuary.